About Us

WOT Electronics is a Taupo, New Zealand based hi-fi audio repair company, owned and operated by me, Warryn Turley. It has been trading since 2000. Originally located in Auckland, I relocated to Taupo in early 2014.

Prior to setting up WOT Electronics, I spent many years repairing televisions and hi-fi equipment, installing TV aerials, and carrying out numerous other domestic-related repairs on electronic equipment. To date, I have over 35 years’ experience servicing the home entertainment market.

I believed there was a need for a hi-fi repair specialist, and was able to utilise the vast experience gained over years of servicing 2-channel and multi-channel amplifiers, Home Theatre systems, CD players, DVD players, and speakers.

I ensure a prompt, efficient and reliable service is provided for my customers.

Brands Serviced

WOT Electronics can service the following brands:

Sony Denon NAD Rotel
Linn Cyrus HK Arcam
Polk Yamaha Onkyo Harman Kardon
Marantz Luxman Rega Parasound
Cambridge Creek Carver Exposure

...plus many more.

Contact Details

I operate from my premises (at the address below) during normal business hours Monday to Friday. I can also be available weekends and after hours, by arrangement.

Repairs can be couriered to me if it makes things easier for you.

Contact me by phone or email:

Warryn Turley
Workshop Address
6 Heathcote St, Taupo, 3330
Home Phone
(07) 376 7479
Mobile Phone
027 222 2251
Email Address